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주말 효자동 나들이
멋들어진 까페, 전시공간, 멋쟁이 할아버지들,조용하고 한적한 골목골목.

외국에 여행 온 기분마저 들었다.
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주말 효자동 나들이
멋들어진 까페, 전시공간, 멋쟁이 할아버지들,조용하고 한적한 골목골목.

외국에 여행 온 기분마저 들었다.

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CARPE E-Book Vol5

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An Animated GIF Tribute to Andy Warhol
3. Rafaël Rozendaal, Kissing Sketch
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SPOTLIGHT: Artist Telmo Pieper Recreates Childhood Doodles 20 Years Later

How can you not appreciate the utter awesomeness that is this project?! With the help of Photoshop, artist Telmo Pieper digitally recreates his old drawings into realistic versions of his childhood imagination.

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Invisible Bicycles

Last one made me spit.

im laughing really hard omfg

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"TALKING HEADS" (GADAJACE GLOWY): a short documentary, directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski in 1980, turns a simple idea into a masterpiece: ordinary people of different age and background in Poland were asked 3 simple questions. Their spontaneous responses reveal the way they see life…

Part 1: “WHO ARE YOU?”: A difficult question with a simple answer…

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by Holly Andres

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wowoowowowww some1 buy me this
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wowoowowowww some1 buy me this

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오늘 너무 덥다
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오늘 너무 덥다

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머리와 마음

머리가 시키는 대로 한다면 우리 생이 재미없겠지
좀 아프더라도, 좀 힘들더라도, 좀 슬프더라도
마음이 시키는 대로 하는 너를 난 응원한다
마음이 시키는 대로
그런 용기와 희망을 가진 넌 내가 정말 좋아하는 그런 핑구구구구

I hate him.

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Some images from a travel story I shot around Maine last fall for Conde Nast Traveler. Check out the full story here that I just added to my site. 


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Seiichi Hayashi.

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